Rid Your Home Of Termites

The experienced termite control experts of Owings Mills are here solve any termite problem. Schedule a termite inspection before any further damage can occur. 

Home Inspection

The most important part of termite control is the initial inspection. During the inspection, a termite removal expert will gather vital info such as entry points, where the colony is located, and the extent of the damage. This info will aid in the removal and clean-up process.

Termite Eradication

Using the intelligence gathered during the termite inspection, an insect removal technician will determine the most effective method to remove the pests. Every Owings Mills, MD infestation is different and requires specific removal methods. Contact us for the most accurate termite control information.

Sanitation & Repairs

Sealing entry points and removing debris from a termite infestation is essential because other pests will be attracted to the previous infestation. A termite control company in Owings Mills will also implement insect deterrents, preventing future infestations.

Common Infestation Locations

Inside The Home

Wood-to-ground contact, such as deck posts, doorframes, and porch steps or supports, is one of the most common ways termites gain access to your home. Subterranean termites can also get into homes through foundation cracks and brick mortar cracks. They’ve even been known to travel through foundation walls using the holes in concrete blocks.

Decks, Garages, & Sheds

Subterranean termites can create colonies extending from the ground to reach any lumber, including garages, decks, and sheds. Because drywood termites build their colonies within the wood, they can infest and structure constructed with lumber.

Tress & Gardens

The colonies of subterranean termites require moist soil to thrive. Subterranean termites are common in yards and houses with lots of soil, moisture, and wood. They prefer old tree stumps and fallen branches in particular. Their tunneling habits are often visible on tree bark.

What Our Clients Have To Say

I'm so glad that I called for help! My deck was about to cave in and they had all the termites removed before the infestation spread to the house.

Beth McBride

I was amazed at how fast the termites were removed. They found termites in in two of my walls. I didn't even know they were there!

Rachel Olsen