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Termite Control Randallstown, Md Eastern subterranean termites, known as Reticulitermes flavipes, can damage homes and other structures if infestations

Each colony member or caste has a very specific and specialized role to play in the colony’s overall success. Termite control, Eastern subterranean reproductive termites do shed their wings after mating swarms, at which time they go on to found new colonies. It’s easier to inspect for termite shelter tubes if you keep the lower foundation walls and siding free of vegetation or mulch.

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Rim joists and sill plates are frequently the first areas where termite mud and shelter tubes are discovered in basement structures. Excessive moisture levels are frequently the result of poor building design and/or construction practices.

Do-it-yourself bait systems may reduce termite numbers but probably will not rid a structure of termites. However, because of the great number of variables at any location, it is difficult to predict which chemical will perform best at your site.

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The less suitable the site or structure is for termites, the less likely a colony will become established and flourish. Be certain that the grade level will drain away from the building.

A typical treatment may involve hundreds of gallons of a liquid pesticide, known as a termiticide, injected into the ground along the foundation, beneath concrete slabs, and within foundation walls. termites make these earth-colored tubes for a number of reasons, primarily as a protected runway from the earth to the wood they feed on. In the first few days after swarming, the queen will lay eggs that are taken care of by both queen and king.

All liquid termiticides are supposed to control termites for at least five years when applied according to label directions. Although you may choose to make the inspection yourself, we recommend you have a professional pest control operator inspect the building. The pests infest wood touching the soil or piled close to siding.

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Termite Control Garrison, Md

Termite Control Garrison, Md

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