Owings Mills, MD Termite Control Services

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Termite removal and damage repair in Owings Mills are necessary services that protect homeowners from costly repairs. Termite infestations can wreak havoc inside a home and will cause costly damage if not removed as soon as possible. Contact termite control experts to eradicate infestations before it’s too late.

Owings Mills, MD Termite Removal

Termites can cause significant damage to a home without the homeowner being aware of it. The damage is extensive and costly by the time their presence is discovered. Termite colonies aren’t made up of a few hundred termites; they can number in the millions! Termites can eat through any type of structure, including brick, stucco, wood, and other materials. Termites will consume any cellulose-containing material, not just wood. Cellulose insulation, framing timbers, and even drywall are examples of these materials.

An annual termite inspection can help prevent these costly infestations by catching and eradicating them early, preventing significant damage, and saving money on treatment and repair. If you suspect termites have entered your home, contact a local termite removal expert in Owings Mills, Maryland, to minimize damage.

How To Properly Eliminate Termites?

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Every termite infestation has its own set of challenges and methods for eradication. If you have pets or children on your property, you should consider which termite removal method is best for you. Non-chemical treatments may be a better option for your home in that case. A physical barrier to the building’s structure (during construction), biological control agents (repel termites), and sand with steel mesh to act as a physical barrier are all non-chemical treatments.

When termites need to be removed as soon as possible, chemical treatments are used. A wildlife professional should carry out chemical treatments if you are inexperienced to ensure the safety and proper use of the chemicals. Liquid soil-applied termiticides, baits, and wood treatments are examples of chemical treatments.

5 Common Signs Of A Termite Infestation

  1. Evidence Of Swarms
  2. Drywood Termite Droppings
  3. Blisters In Wood Flooring
  4. Hollowed Or Damaged Wood
  5. Mud Tubes

What Are The Dangers Of Termites?

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While a soldier termite bite is mostly harmless, and termites aren’t known to transmit diseases or inject venom, they aren’t entirely safe. They may have an indirect impact on your health. Subterranean termites cause damage to your home that can lead to mold problems. This can lead to perplexing health issues and high healthcare costs. You may have a mold problem if you or someone in your home has chronic nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, wheezing, coughing, eye irritation, or skin irritation. If you do, you may have a termite infestation.

The real danger that termites pose is property damage. Subterranean termites cost property owners in the United States more than $5 billion each year. These insects emerge from the ground and eat the inside of man-made structures’ wood. This damage can lead to serious structural issues over time.

Floors can begin to sink, ceilings may start to sag, and doors or windows may also start to stick or open and close with resistance. These insects can destroy a home if not caught early. That may not be harmful to your health, but it will undoubtedly be harmful to your bank account.

How Much Damage Will Termites Create?

They eat away at the support beams, floor joists, posts, ceiling joists, and wall studs of your home. If you or your Owings Mills inspector discover external termite damage, there’s a good chance there’s more damage lurking beneath.

If a termite colony infiltrates the structures that support your home, it may become uninhabitable until the problem is resolved. This is because once a home’s structure is compromised, the chances of walls, ceilings, or floors collapsing increase.

Termites can cause damage to anything, not just wood structures. Termites eat plaster, metal siding, and insulation as well. These damages may not cause your house to fall apart, but they will detract from its appearance.

How Much Does Termite Removal Cost?

Termite treatments with a limited application cost between $221 and $916 or per linear foot $3-16. The total price is determined by the house’s linear footprint and the extent of the infestation. If you have multiple pest problems, hiring an insect control service could cost you another $173 on average.

When Should I Have A Termite Inspection Performed?

Determining if you have termites can be a challenge. Unless you’re in the attic, you’ll never see the frame of your house, and termites don’t usually get that high up. They’ll hide behind your walls, slowly consuming and destroying your home. The best way to inspect your home and look for those destructive pests is to call a professional termite exterminator.

Signs That Its Time To Contact A Termite Control Expert

Termites are frequently found behind walls. As a result, you may never notice the damage they cause as a structure crumbles around you.

However, even if you could see the wood that makes up your home, you might not notice the damage. Because termites eat wood from the inside out, you may not notice many entrance holes on an exposed 2 x 4, but the interior could be hollow.

You should contact a local Owings Mills termite exterminator if you come across a piece of wood that sounds hollow when you tap on it or if you can poke a hole through it with your finger. Although this wood may not be a part of your home, if you discover that your wood fence has been infested, they’ve likely made their way into your home as well, and it’s time to call the experts at On The Fly Pest Solutions 410-982-5050.

Owings Mills, MD Termite Control Services

Owings Mills, MD Termite Control Services