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Don’t let termites take over your home. Exterminators share the things they most want you to know to protect what you value most. home pest control termites are extraordinarily talented at destruction. Each year, they cause more than $5 bil…

Oct 29, 2021 … Treating a termite infestation can be as easy as setting baits or as involved as digging a trench around your home to set up a termiticide …

Homeowners should know how to check for termites, when to call a professional and which extermination methods work. Here's your guide to termite inspection

Aug 17, 2021  · Premise Foam: Injected into galleries that are then filled with wood filler, this product delivers precisely formulated treatment to eradicate termites. It’s fast and easy to use and perfect for targeted applications. Termidor Dry: This product is injected directly into termite galleries to treat drywood termites.

Liquid Baits For Termites The bait also acts as an attractant to the termites. With liquid applications, you are

Foam agents can be injected into areas liquid pesticides can’t reach. Dust agents can be applied in areas where foam or liquid aren’t practical. fumigation kills all of thetermites in an area but won’t prevent their return. Don’t disturb soil once it has …

Wood treatments include surface sprays, injected sprays and foams, and Borate treated wood. Pest control professionals use borate wood treatments to prevent …

Dampwood Treatment options: Moisture Removal. Termiticide application. Monitoring and bait stations. monitoring stations are installed at key points around your property to determine the extent of termite activity. Once confirmed, bait stations are set up to attract termites.

Are you wondering how to tell if you have termites? Check out this article to tell if you have termites in your house. Advertisement By: Sara Elliott If you want to scare a homeowner, there’s one sure way to do it: Mention the word termite….

Nov 04, 2021  · Lufenuron- an insect growth regulator used to control termites and fleas. Noviflumuron – disrupts termite growth and activity. Wood Treatment. Borates – commonly used as a spray on application during new home construction to protect wood. Are Pesticides Used Against Termites Safe?

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